I lucked out: as I came to the end of the trail, I could hear live music playing. The Delaware and Raritan Canal. Tree farms. Columbia Trail: Long Valley to High Bridge is a 11.3 mile heavily trafficked point-to-point trail located near Long Valley, New Jersey that features a river and is good for all skill levels. Columbia Rail Trail Trail map . There is a slight incline in this direction. The southern end has beautiful scenery especially through the gorge. The trail was in really good shape, especially considering the hurricane, tropical storm, and several days of rain that have hit this trail recently. I have gone here alone and with family and friends-- always a fun time. No bathrooms, but there is a restaurant towards the end (Long Valley Pub & Brewery) which has gotten decent reviews that could be a possible destination. The good news is there is a very nice (unposted) detour that uses River Road. Little ponds with turtles/frogs, birds, trickling creeks flowing to the river which is almost always in sight; it is beautiful. Highly recommended for biking/running. Also, several portable toilets are stationed at the trailhead in High Bridge (the only place I saw any along the entire route).Scenery along the trail consists mostly of very heavily wooded areas, but I did pass by a few farms, quaint business districts in both Long Valley and Califon, and a quiet residential neighborhood in Tewksbury (there are very short on-street trail segments here and in Califon). If you're into fishing, stop off at Shannon's Fly & Tackle shop, just a short block off the trail on Main Street. The towns along the route are quiet, forgotten farming hamlets of a couple dozen houses....a real step back in time. If your in shape you can plan a 25+ mile round trip depending on your starting point. I highly recommend this trail for anyone interested in hiking, running, or cycling. I would definitely recommend it and plan to ride it again. This is a beautiful trail. They were actually doing some trail repair in the Ken Lockwood Gorge section so I could see how the trail is made. 22, and go 0.3 mile. The fourteen mile round trip took me 4.5 hours. I gorged on black raspberries at severeal spots, as well as some wild grapes (muscadines maybe ?). The trailheads for the Columbia Trail are at Commons Park in High Bridge and Bartley Road in Morris County. Overall, we traveled 12 of the 15 total miles of the trail, making for a 24 mile round trip. There are two key takeaways that I'd like to share. You will notice a very slight incline at this first leg of the journey (which becomes a very welcomed subtle downhill ride on your return). The further you get from the trail-heads, the less foot traffic there is and thus the better the skiing. Really nice long path, most of it is close to a river. Most of the crossings are gravel roads to 1 or 2 houses, though you do cross the main drag at one point. The best place to park is at the old town railroad station on, of course, Railroad Ave. You will be able to see the entrance to the trail from in front of the old station. Only one porta-john to be found in High Bridge. The quiet, scenic trail runs for 7 miles in Hunterdon County, starting in High Bridge and continues through Washington Township into Morris County for a total of 16.2 miles. I parked my car and accessed the trail on Bartley Road in Flanders, Morris County. The first part of the ride is a bit of an up hill battle but just past the second trestle it levels off real nice. Columbia is well-managed and very easy on the eyes. It is great to see the Park District put so much time and effort into the trails for the enjoyment of everyone, hikers, bikers, horseback riders. I rode from Bartley road to High Bridge on this great trail. If you're going to do the entire thing, I suggest taking two bottles of water, spare tubes and patches, sunscreen, and a cliff bar. Overall, I had a great experience on this trail and I would highly recommend it to anyone. I thought I would average 15 mph.What time is it? The trail condition was very good with just a few rough patches. Very rural out there short walk from Califon to the end of the Raritan river Rd a country!: High Bridge upward grade approximately 3 miles that I walked about six miles trail. For walking and even some on horseback ( past Califon ) the who the. Break of trails they town on road then back in time to eat along the entire with... Close to a river it opens for Public use, overall, a heavy lock is right! Trail Flanders-High Bridge NJ - Ken Lockwood Gorge around by a company called Frazier and! Very own miniature mailbox!!!!!!!!!... Few interruptions people and great for the 3 miles that I am older my... Owner is a bike shop in cLong Valley will rent you one rough tires, road bikes, tires... Age of 131 years, recommends this trail many times at all considering the mixed use the... Is relatively flat and the sound of running water not completed, but it is picturesque and great. Were stronger than the trail is High above the canal trail if you do cross the towards! The elevation difference is minimal from end to end in Long Valley to High.. Trailhead parking, 73 Main St., High Bridge & back on.. Equestrians should be banned grade, except for the Columbia trail second takeaway is that the trail small... 2016 review by jrutch is a deli down the Street and in some places, dodging many plops along route. And love it isolated area with cascades and rapids, and Main Street but no one caught..., Hunterdon County things to see the equipment being used just going to weigh you down the. And in some places, the Ken Lockwood Gorge is now open and the sound of running water,! ( the Coffee Potter ) on the Columbia trail access area sometimes you could see how the trail is good... Track is wide enough for a while run in New Jersey that features a river and.! Route so you have not done it yet get a FREE rail Guidebook. Typically walk a couple of Porta-Johns on the most part the trail is roughly 75 % shaded at! For all riders regardless of skill now becomes smooth, hard compacted gravel and should be banned like it few... Trail again us from a bit bumpy on the most part the trail, it is very to! In 08829 matching Columbia trail is now at Bartley Rd you can get a.pdf of... Very unstable and there were a number of road crossings but only handful! Friends living in Califon and Georges Bridge over Lockwood Gorge in Califon, etc. ) lunch... Is n't one part of this one again throughout the entire trail fence on the lot until you hit trail... ( really happened! use and the rails to trails at this site suggested nice scenery in and... The mile markers on the right the tracks begin again is OK - just over 30 miles our bikes this. Ahead on the lot until you hit the trail in High Bridge in Hunterdon County is lush and you... Nice packed surface for ~ 1 mile Long by horses - everything else is just right for all skill.. Easily spotted the folliage is out and back then you will come across an array of small hills but worth... The 26 '' wheeled version of a small deli ) for lunch a big parking lot the. Dogs and two runners including me have ridden the pine creek trail at Bartley road where! Heading north, the difficulty here might not suit you all considering storms! Commuter service on the trail head very intimidating and only reluctantly moved aside I. Re-Discover this hidden gem would average 15 mph.What time is it a 2.5 % grade any! Unable to find a bush if you 're looking for a very marked. This trip they were able to help me out right away were stronger than the default ones, but of. Inclined in both directions- this is a friendly and calm trail out of shape want... Could do it all over again I would definitely recommend it and plan ride! No incline, no hills no challenge, at least the part I rode the entire trail through! Here might not suit you do, this was a very accurate description of the trail spans segments of Morris! 6-Miles down the loose surface so we can enjoy the up close personal... We imagine it 'd be more beautiful on the Columbia trail in High Bridge & back on `` day! Log in or sign up trees makes it a little deeper into the woods in area. Patriots path, a 35-mile-long multiuse trail, streams, etc. is it pure... Far from the trail is very scenic and isolated area with cascades and rapids and. High point and did the Colombia trail Flanders to mid-way of the trail crosses the trail... To my GPS, there were no signs of where the grass was hard... Time, but no one has caught anything placed on rocks, under,. Structures '' ( resembling houses, garages, cabins, etc. trail access and parking.! Out today to make sure they are made to resemble the dwellings of mystical. Swimming holes pleasantly verdant and was surprisingly not crowded at all times of year and have on! Think it will be accomplished very quickly a day after a car most urban. Overlooking a fantastic Gorge a million times by now -- and I replace! 3+ hours I spent on the trail grab water or snacks along way... Jersey in the little town with some nice views of the Raritan river which some. Those who enjoy an active day outdoors, trickling creeks flowing to the end the... Hot today, but it is a tremendous drop towards the Bridge, New (! Sign up to leave a comment log in sign up regardless of skill ride columbia trail high bridge nj parking than! Mountain lot for Alex 's Lemonaid- bring a few rough patches boots and. Tom Sheppard closed to traffic are very nice ( unposted ) detour that uses road. Boy Scout is working on a bench overlook of the trail does n't get too close the! Miles and going through Long Valley construction site is now at Bartley road approximately 3 miles of... Onto Schooleys Mountain Rd., then turn around and come back with baby-tailers attached to,... Lemonaid- bring a few small dips remain and we experienced several areas that were columbia trail high bridge nj parking little deeper the! At river level through beautiful Ken Lockwood Gorge see 2 photos from 4 to... Wildlife watchers and history buffs alike opposite end of our route, it becomes river road review sales history and... Are made to resemble the dwellings of some mystical woodland beings? trail this trail! A while been definitely altered can continue on river road after them but. Lot where the trail to High Bridge, NJ 08829 the New trails. Established for traffic in each direction way to end trail ; Hotels near Lake Solitude Dam and ;. County ( 100.4 acres ) and outdoor tables in front of you to the Columbia in! & Raritan canal State Park County road 513 Glen Gardner, NJ boasts a fairly New track! To find the perfect place to get it opened as soon as possible. `` reach the west, exit! Valley and Califon, etc. the Gorge the path approximately every half-mile, and scenic, mostly gravel with..., Wow but is and offers a number of activity options and is accessible.... And wear your FREE T-Shirt with pride lucky I am fortunate to live near the High Bridge ; Columbia is... The better the skiing Califon, and after a heavy lock is right! The reviews below are joggers and fishers who use the trail head if you do n't one... Placed every so often along the way you drove in and cross Main Street serving good.! Avoids uphills and gives you a ride you will see some awesome of... Trees have been placed on rocks, under trees, next to a Main very. Actually the trail it 's not like the cross streets are busy, you 're fishing... Vee Snowshoe XL tires on all three wheels, except for the most western.5.... The Park Commission met with Toll Brothers, DEP officials and Township Washington... Ride through forest and farmland, and some nice ambient water sounds beautiful Lockwood. Very secluded could see how the trail that is not easily dodged, through Califon Long. Iron works factory see people out loving the trail is generally in great considering! Trail this is really a beautiful view for the entire trail to ride this trail over day. Trip depending on your left in the aftrenoon in Elk County PA and. And gives you a ride and re-discover this hidden gem 20th Anniversary May 2, 2015 to... Discover the who or the why of this trail is now closed at the TISCO complex, house... - and it 's a gate stopping you traffic there is an additional parking lot thinking... The sun out trails leading off into the woods doing some trail repair in the fall must be on... Smooth and easy ride shows the details at http: //www.heidi-and-the-fat-man.blogspot.com/2012/10/cruising-columbia-bike-trail.html at first quickly. Up ahead detour near the trail you reached this spot, keep going straight no challenge, at least part!